Ventanas de San Miguel – The Better Way to Live in San Miguel

Living and owning property in San Miguel de Allende is a dream come true for many from around the world. The charm, the warmth of the people and the authentic spirit of this magical place are at the very least captivating. Experiencing and enjoying San Miguel de Allende from the vibrant gated community of Ventanas de San Miguel offers you and your family the best place to live out your dreams in this spectacular UNESCO World Heritage City.

Owning a property or investing in real estate in Ventanas offers those who love San Miguel de Allende a place to call home without the complications and hassles of living directly in Centro. There is no better place in or around San Miguel to live than Ventanas, located just a mile from all the wonderful galleries, shops, restaurants and nightlife in downtown San Miguel de Allende.

Owning Property and a Home in Ventanas de San Miguel
Gives You and Your Family a Secure Gated Community
Just Moments from Centro

Living in Ventanas de San Miguel (The Windows to San Miguel) gives you both wide-open spaces and close proximity to the heart of San Miguel de Allende. Owning property in San Miguel offers tranquility at its finest along with some of the most spectacular views of the city where the magnificent churches of San Miguel are seemingly so close you can reach out and touch them. Our Nick Faldo Signature golf course gives Owners the feeling of being in the middle of Mexico's countryside, all while being very close to all that San Miguel has to offer. Ventanas is truly San Miguel de Allende’s finest address.